Personal Risk Insurance


"Procrastination is, unfortunately, not just the thief of time but also the robber of family wealth when the unexpected arrives for the unprepared".

You have insurance for your house. You have insurance for your car. You have insurance for your baggage when you travel. What about insurance for your most important asset: you?

Accidents happen, but with the appropriate insurance policy and structure, we can ensure you and your family are financially secure in the event of unforeseen incidences. Our financial planners will recommend an insurance strategy to protect you, your family, and your assets in the unfortunate case of:

  • Premature death
  • Total and Permanent Disability
  • Trauma
  • Loss of income due to extended recovery

Based on your unique situation, you may also elect to insure against:

  • Injury to your child
  • Losses due to business expenses
  • Losses due to the departure of a key business partner

Refer to the following flyers for more information on the various forms of personal risk insurance which are available.

Contact us today to find out how we may assist you with finding the right insurance to protect what's most important to you: You.