Estate Planning


At Alta Financial Planning, we partner with you to create and protect your wealth. While estate planning can be a controversial topic of discussion, we believe creating a comprehensive estate plan forms and integral part ofyour wealth and legacy.

With that in mind, we strive to offer an estate planning package which includes assisting in:

  • Reviewing your existing estate planning arrangements
  • Determining complex estate planning issues
  • Estimating financial impact of different estate planning strategies
  • Establishing Wills & Powers of Attorney
  • Drafting Beneficiary Nominations for superannuation
  • Creating Testamentary Trusts

Our mantra is to implement a complete estate plan that is unambiguous and truly reflects your wishes, while providing the best outcome and greatest benefit to your estate.

The fact files below will briefly explain estate planning arrangements both in and out of superannuation:

To further discuss how we and our partners can help in developing your estate plan, please feel free to contact us.

Along with our estate planning partners, we also provide a tool to produce a simple Will. Click here for more details.