Aged Care


“How do I want to be cared for in my final years? Can I afford aged care? How will this affect my pension and other finances? Can I receive government support?”

These may be some of the questions you ask yourself before or during retirement. With the appropriate financial and aged care advice, we can help you change those questions into “Where do I want to retire?” and “What view do I want?”

Regardless of your financial situation, we will create a plan that puts you in the best position when considering aged care in retirement.

You have spent your entire life building your estate. There comes a time when you will have to make the difficult decision of what happens when you are gone. Our financial planning team have  decades of estate planning experience and can help you implement estate planning arrangements to ensure your instructions are followed as you would have wanted.

Areas of estate planning which we may assist you in implementing include:

  • Wills
  • Powers of attorney
  • Beneficiary nominations for superannuation
  • Testamentary trusts

If you believe you require assistance with aged care or estate planning, feel free to contact us.